Deutche Telekomm had 5 different self-care applications each produced by a team in different countries.

A tender was announced to design and deliver a solution that would replace all current applications with a single, universal one.

We had less than a month to prepare a convincing proposal for this high-profile client.

My role

A 3 member UX team was assembled to deliver and visualize our concept. We had some prior experience with the applications in questions from earlier projects.

This time I acted in a UI designer capacity, focusing on the design system and producing mock layouts while my more senior colleagues prepared the proposal for the product's strategy.


While I didn't have the opportunity to participate on the project in the long run, winning this tender was a major victory which has shaped the agency's future, with Deutsche Telekom becoming our long-term client.

The successful completion of DT Self-care project remains the greatest achievement of MITO to date.

See their case study to find out more about the future of the project.